Why I Support Small Business Saturday

I read this great article that really struck a chord and I think it is worth sharing because it is something that affects many of my clients and friends. Thanksgiving was yesterday, and as much as I love this holiday, I have to be honest–I don’t like Black Friday. I’m just not a fan. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel because for the past seven years we’ve also had Small Business Saturday. And this is what I read about and what I wanted to share not only with my clients but also other small businesses.

Small Business Saturday started in 2010 and is a nationwide effort to support small businesses that would otherwise be left out of the holiday shopping spree known as Thanksgiving weekend. I love this initiative because I, too, am a small business owner. While not in the retail space, I understand the frustration of working with limited resources and struggling to create genuine value for my clients.

As a small business owner, my clients are my neighbors. They are people that live in my community and I want to see them succeed. Their success fuels my success, which in turn gives me a better chance of helping them tomorrow. It's reciprocal. We help each other. That’s why I wanted to share this article with you today; it is full of resources for small business owners to really be part of a much larger community.


Probably the best destination for small business owners is this website, created by American Express. There are a ton of free downloadables and marketing suggestions. There is also a community you can join called Neighborhood Champions. According to the orginal article above, “Champions rally around small businesses in their areas, hosting a wide range of events, all geared towards bringing awareness to local brick and mortar shops. Last year alone, over 6,700 people signed up to help encourage small business shopping in their communities.”

Another great marketing tactic is the use of hashtags across your social media posts. #ShopSmall, #ThinkBigShopSmall, and #SmallBusinessSaturday are great ways to get your message out to people wanting to support Small Business Saturday.


Small Business Saturday is a great way to get out and support those shops in your community. Not only are you getting unique products and gifts, but you are keeping taxes and other revenue in your community. Finally, “small businesses bring communities together, help keep local money local, provide more jobs and pay higher salaries than larger retailers, and can even increase the value of nearby homes. By shopping a small business, you are helping build a thriving community in your own area.”