The Case for Outsourcing Your Marketing

As I’ve mentioned previous posts, when it comes to marketing your small business, there are many things a small business owner must take into account. There is the decision on whether or not to use paid ads on social. There is the need to create and implement an effective marketing strategy; a fact many new business owners fail to take into account. But what about taking into account who will run your marketing? Most small business owners scoff at the idea of bringing in an outside resource. But, consider this Forbes article that suggests in order to get the most of your marketing budget, you may be better off outsourcing marketing efforts, rather than keep them in-house.

Many companies are quick to outsource the more “creative” responsibilities (graphic and website design). Surprisingly, however, only 14% hire outside firms to handle their marketing.

Opponents of outsourcing their marketing often make the argument, “Why should I pay someone to do something I can do for free?” While on the surface this seems like common sense, there are many reasons why this argument won’t hold up. As the article points out, not only do most small business owners not have the time to truly invest in marketing, they typically don’t have a ton of experience doing it. There is nothing wrong with inexperience but it does mean results come slower and are less substantial.

Leveraging the expertise of a professional marketer not only frees up the business owner to work on the nuanced aspects of their specific business, but also expedites results as someone with more experience will be more efficient. I recommend you read the rest of the article for more small business marketing tips!